ERM3 Solutions LLC 
6520 Mackenzie Drive
Cleveland, OH 44131 
(440) 263-7943

ERM3 Solutions LLC is an end-to-end information technology consulting, systems integration, and support services firm. Specializing in:

  • Product Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • IT Team Leads 
  • Business Analysts 
  • QA Analysts / Test Leads 
  • Software Development Programmers 
  • Web Development Programmers
  • Data Architects

ERM3 Solutions attracts talented and diverse employees. Diversity includes all minorities, women, and fifty plus workers. Our clients seek us out so that their workplace represents the communities that they serve.

Our objective is to assist our clients with their information technology needs via a diverse workforce

Essential Elements for Project Success

Executive Commitment - Sponsorship by top management endows the project with a mandate for success. High-level commitment is won by focusing first on business goals, then on expert vision of the best technology to support those goals.

User Involvement - Success is judged by value delivered to users. ERM3 Solutions' methodology emphasizes front-end involvement of the people who use the system.

Clear Requirements and Objectives - We document requirements and objectives in basic terms with as little jargon as possible. ERM3 Solutions' experience clarifies perspectives and needs, gaining support from all stakeholders for the system's fundamental objectives.

Planning with Deliverables - Planning is a simple concept, but it must match the complexity and breadth of project effort. ERM3 Solutions brings a disciplined and forceful commitment to deliverables in the planning process, from initial analysis through implementation and review of project value.

Motivated Teamwork - ERM3 Solutions selects employees whose technology experience is enhanced by confidence, enthusiasm and personal leadership skills. We inspire and support teamwork.

Knowledge Transfer - The process of handing the system over to its users is critical to project success and maintenance.